Where is Lil nas X?
Time Since Last Album

Devil Worshipper?

Has the DEVIL-WORSHIPPING pop-artist finally been sacrificed to HIS MASTER? WHY is he SECLUDING HIMSELF???? What is he PREPARING FOR? This site will answer ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE!!!... We will find Montero, and WE WILL SAVE HIM BY RETURNING HIS HEART TO J.CHRIST’S LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lil Nas X's specific location in hell

Lil Nas X's specific location in hell

Possessed by a gay demon??

In one of his music videos, titled “Montero” (watch at your own poision https://shorturl.at/dostO) LIL NAS X can be seen TWERKING on SATAN himself. This proves that the DEVIL is HOMOSEXUAL!!!!! (SHOCKER!!!!!!!). Perhaps the devil has possessed Nas X with the spirit of sin to influence the world into DAMNATION. That is why Nas has been away from the spotlight. To arrange a scheme against the world with Satan and probably TWERK on him some more!!!

A Man's Butt?

NICE TRY NAS!! Does your evil know no bounds? To go so fas ar to hide a MALES'S ASS CHEEKS in your logo as SUBLIMINAL HOMOSEXUAL MIND-CONTROLLING BRAIN WASH. Don't let your kids scriblle this logo in their margin! Pure EVIL! EVIL MAN! GOD will STRIKE DOWN the WICKED. REPENT!!!!!!